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Science Advisory Board

 Meet Our Thought Leaders, Innovators, Changemakers, and Wellness Trailblazers 

Our brilliant team of physicians provide a fresh perspective, a wealth of knowledge, and their own unique multifaceted expertise, which helps us to harness the healing power of nature and optimize the efficacy and the clinical applications for the hemp plant.

Our Doctors share their impressive knowledge and wisdom in ...

Dermatology, Plant-Based Formulations, and Skin Wellness

Psychiatry, Addictions, & Nutritional Biochemistry, and Mood Support

Chronic Pain, Nervous System Disorders, & Naturopathic Neurology

Sleep Disorders, Anxiety, Stress, & the Mind Body Connection

Plant Pharmacology and High-Quality, Sustainable Ingredient Sourcing

√ Endocannabinoid Research & Evidence-Based Natural Health




Get To Know Our Scientists... 

Dr. Rachel Winstedt 

DR. Rachel Winstedt Zuna Board

Dr. Winstedt's Wellness Philosophy: "Discover the root cause behind the illness"  

Dr. Winstedt shares her clinical knowledge and extensive experience with us focused on optimizing brain health and cognition, chronic illness, cannabis research, mood support, nutritional biochemistry, neurotransmitter rebalancing, and mental health conditions.

Dr. Rachel Winstedt completed her pre-med studies at the University of Washington where she earned a degree in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology. Dr. Winstedt was drawn to the idea of using the scientific method to treat the underlying cause of illness and to unite cutting edge technology and research with highly effective natural therapies. She attended medical school at Bastyr University, specializing in naturopathic neurology. As a doctor, scientist and healer; she tirelessly investigates symptoms to find the root of illness. Dr. Winstedt is particularly interested in the connection between neuroendocrine disorders and gut health dysbiosis as they relate to neurological and mental health challenges. Today, Dr. Winstedt treats many neurologic conditions including chronic pain, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Autism spectrum disorders and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Dr. Winstedt holds a Doctorate Degree in Naturopathic Medicine (ND) from Bastyr University and a Bachelors of Science Degree (BSc) from the University of Washington in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology.

Dr. Noah Perlman

Dr. Noah Perlman

Dr. Perlman's Wellness Philosophy: "Empowering patients to be active in their healing process"

Dr. Perlman shares his clinical knowledge and extensive experience with us on the interrelationships between pain management and the skeletal system, the nervous system, botanical pharmacology, and nutrition.

Dr. Perlman is both a naturopathic doctor and chiropractic physician, giving him a unique perspective on the human body and it's interrelationships. Dr. Perlman, is an advocate of safe, conservative, and effective treatment solutions. He focuses on preventive and supportive healthcare treatments utilizing a patient-centered focus to promote optimal health and wellness. Dr. Perlman approaches his clinical practice in natural and holistic chiropractic healthcare through the use of excellent diagnostics, non-invasive and evidence-based therapeutics, and solution-oriented healthcare. He empowers each of his patients to become active in their healing process in the short term and long term.

Dr. Perlman holds a Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine (DC) from the University of Western States, a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine (ND) from Bastyr University, a Bachelor’s degree from California State University (BSc), and a Diploma in Surgical Technology from Anthem College.

Dr. Jennifer Taylor

Dr. Jennifer Taylor Zuna Board

Dr. Taylor's Wellness Philosophy: "The healing power of nature can be used in all aspects of life"

Dr. Taylor shares her clinical knowledge and extensive experience with us focused on optimizing athletic performance, pain management, and sports injuries.  Dr. Taylor often uses cannabis in her own practice and shares her personal experience and patient successes to help us formulate effective plant-based products.

Dr. Taylor is a practicing naturopathic doctor in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Her interest in health and wellness stemmed from her experiences as a youth and college athlete.   After finding nutrition, natural medicine, and chiropractic care important to her health and performance, she decided to pursue a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from National University of Health Sciences.  While in naturopathic school, Dr. Taylor served as an active part of the school community and held several leadership positions for school clubs and organizations.  She has continued her engagement while in practice, and she currently serves in the Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association.  Dr. Taylor enjoys offering patients safe and effective alternatives to care.   Her practice incorporates nutrition, physical and regenerative medicine, and a number of natural therapies.  In her free time, she loves playing ice hockey, reading, and spending time with her family.

Dr. Taylor holds a Doctorate Degree in naturopathic medicine (ND) from the National University of Health Sciences and a Bachelors degree (BSc).