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Cadie M.

I've used the Zuna Brands Refreshing Body Scrub and Moisture Repair Hydration Stick consistently for the last couple of weeks and they're great.  They all have a nice scent, feel and consistency.  The body scrub and hydration stick are my favorites.

Refreshing Body Scrub: My new go to scrub!  I've used this 1-2 times a week for the last two weeks and I'm hooked.  It smells amazing and leaves my skin moisturized for days.  As a skincare junkie, I love that it also has clean ingredients and even Vitamin E for anti-aging.

Moisture Repair Hydration Stick: I keep this in my purse to use on my hands, elbows and anywhere else that feels dry.  The roller stick design is really convenient.  A must have for wintertime dry skin and constant hand sanitizing.  This is replacing Aquaphor or lotion for me... it works much better, it's lightweight on the skin and smells great!

Soothing Relief Recovery Stick

Cassie S, 89

I have a hard time swallowing my Chondroitin and Glucosamine capsules for my joint support, so when my daughter sent me the Zuna Oil Relief drops and [Soothing Relief] Recovery Stick I was able to get relief without choking on those big pills.

Skin Soothing Salve

Nancy D, 57

I work in a hospital all day and constantly required to wash and scrub my hands, but they get dried out and raw. I've been using the Skin Soothing Salve on my hands and don't have that issue anymore. I recommend it to my colleagues at work all the time. I'm going to try it on my heels next- thank you!

Pure Relief Drops

Sakti P, 28

I'm a Grad student and often get stressed out from the workload and schedule of classes. I like using the Pure Relief Oil Drops before I know I have to pull an all-nighter- it calms me down and keeps me focused- and no, it doesn't make me high :) I just put a 1ml drop into my tea- the dropper is nice because it's easy to read the dosage.

Invigorating Bath Bomb

Jane S, 54

Love the bath bombs- minty, soothing and refreshing. Great for after my spinning class when I've worked out a little too hard :)