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We validate and certify that all our products undergo independent, third-party lab analyses so that the amount of CBD we claim is in our products actually is in our products - and we can back it up.  This is where you can search for the Certificate of Authenticity (aka Certificate of Analysis or COA) by the lot number found on the bottom of the product packaging.

Locate your LOT number as shown below and simply type in your LOT number into the search bar on the left of this page.  You can then click on the COA and read the actual lab results for yourself.

Not sure how to read a COA? No problem - here's a document to help you understand what to look for.

Don't have the product packaging? You can also search by product type to find your product and review the past several LOT numbers and see that no matter the Lot number, all of our products have the desired amount of CBD listed on the label.

How To Find Your QR Code & Lot #
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COA - Skin Soothing Salve - Lot# 9993

COA - Deep Tissue Massage Oil - Lot# 00761

COA - Moisturizing Oil Serum - Lot# 9984

COA - Energizing Mineral Salt Soak - Lot# 00768

COA - Invigorating Bath Bomb - Lot# 00767

COA - Invigorating Mineral Salt Soak - Lot# 9990

COA - Moisture Repair Hydration Stick - Lot# 00762

COA - Moisture Repair Hydration Stick - Lot# 9987

COA - Refreshing Body Scrub - Lot #00770

COA - Refreshing Body Scrub - Lot #9986